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Bicycle injuries are some of the worst injuries a person can suffer because the bike, unlike a car offers little to no protection to the cyclist. Although California has mandatory helmet laws in place, not all people abide by these laws. Even if you were wearing a bicycle helmet, the injuries you likely still suffered are serious and potentially life-threatening.

The consequences of a bicycle collision in Los Angeles can leave families not just in physical and emotional pain, but huge financial instability. Often, cyclists hit by cars are left with mounting bills from hospitals, ambulance services, and surgery costs. As the bills pile up, you may be left wondering what to do next and when you’ll receive payment for your damages. Holding the responsible party liable, is something best handled by a Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyer. Call us or contact us today for a free consultation. 

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    Why Hire Matadores Law For Your Bike Accident Claim?

    The experienced Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyers at Matadores Law, have successfully guided our clients through every step of the way, getting the best possible results. Regardless of whether it was a hit and run, a motorist riding against traffic or a driver exiting from a private driveway, our lawyers have worked on both minor and major bicycle accidents where we obtained favorable outcomes for our clients.

    Allow our LA bicycle accident lawyers to help you handle your insurance claim, so you can focus on healing and recovering from your injuries.

    In addition, we help clients injured in California to:

    •  •  Seek medical attention with Doctors near you who are compassionate and caring
    •  • Replace and repair your automobile
    •  •  Gather evidence from scene of the accident
    •  •  Protect your rights with Insurance companies
    •  •  Get your lost wages for when you were unable to work
    •  •  Future loss of wages
    •  • Get compensated for your Injuries

    Hiring an experienced Los Angeles bike accident attorney with a proven track record is the best move you can make to win compensation from those liable for your injuries.

    Questions To Ask Your Bicycle Wreck Lawyer Before You Hire Them

    Not all attorneys are experienced or have the qualifications to handle injuries resulting from  bicycle accidents. Therefor there are some important questions that you should ask your lawyer before you decide to hire them. Since you will be working with the attorney closely you want to make sure you feel at ease with them and consider him or her a trusted advisor. The best way to choose the right attorney is to talk to different personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles and get a feel for whether that person will be your best choice.

    Some questions you may want to ask a potential Los Angeles bike wreck lawyer: 

    •  – How many bicycle accidents cases have you handled in the past?
    •  – What kind of settlements have you had in the past?
    •  – Have you handled a bicycle crash case similar to mine?
    •  – How often will you keep me updated on the progress of my case?
    •  – How much is my case worth?
    •  – What are your office’s legal fees?
    •  – What damages am I entitled to?
    •  – How long does it take to settle a case?

    Bicycle Safety In LA

    According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more and more Americans are bicycling to commute for work, for exercise, or just for fun. This means more bikes on the roads and unfortunately more accidents.

    By law, in California, bicycles on the highways share the same rights and responsibilities as motorized vehicles. In order to increase bicyclist and driver safety, there are precautions one must take including:

     •  Wearing a properly fit Helmet

     •  Avoid cycling during 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. since most accidents happen during these hours.

     •  One out of four fatal bike crashes involve bicyclists who had been drinking alcohol.

     •  Make sure the bike is functioning properly, including the breaks.

     •  Wear equipment that makes you visible to others, such as those with bright colors.

     •  Carry all items in a backpack or strapped to the back of a bike.

     • Tie shoelaces and pants so they don’t get caught in your bike chain.

     •  Choose routes with less traffic and slower speeds. If possible, take bike paths.

    Bike wreck lawyer Los Angeles

    10 Most Common Causes Of Bicycle Accidents

    Nearly thirty percent (30%) of bicycle injuries are due to motor vehicle driver mistakes. A big portion of bicycle accident cases in California involve contact with a car or motor vehicle that failed to yield the right-of-way, or unexpectedly turned into the same path of a cyclist, or a vehicle overtaking a cyclist, often by misjudging the time and space it needed to pass safely.  

    Other common causes of collisions include:

    1. Distracted driving: Anyone driving whose attention is on something other than the road such as their phone or the radio is a huge risk to cyclists, pedestrians and other vehicles.
    2. Dooring accidents: “Dooring” refers to a car driver who opens their car door without checking for approaching vehicles. Often times cyclists traveling at full speed do not have time to react before crashing into a suddenly opened door, This can potentially result in serious injury for the person who was struck by the car door.
    3. Blind spots: Because cyclists are smaller than vehicles, they are very easy to miss. Unfortunately, many drivers do not pay attention to their cars blind spot when changing lanes or making turns which can be catastrophic for the injured party.
    4. Rear-end accidents: When a motorist rear-ends a bicyclist, the driver was either not paying attention or driving way too closely. These accidents commonly occur when a cyclist is attempting to move left in order to go around parked cars.
    5. Right hook crashes: When a driver does not check for oncoming cyclists and attempts to make a right turn, a “right hook” wreck can occur. This is a very serious situation and gives the cyclist little to no time to respond or react, often leading to very serious and potentially fatal injuries.
    6. Speeding: Speeding is often see in accidents involving bike wrecks. Drivers who are speeding because they are late have less time to react and often time can result in catastrophic injures for the innocent cyclist.
    7. Running a Red Light or Stop Sign: Motorists who do not stop at stop signs or lights are a danger to everyone around them. Bicyclists should always be cautious and not assume that a driver will yield to the right of way or obey all traffic laws.
    8. Failure to Yield: These accidents also called “right cross” and “left cross” accidents have the same cause. This happens when a vehicle crosses into the path of the bicyclist at an intersection or from an alley or driveway. In both of these scenarios, the bike has already entered the intersection when the driver makes the turn and visibility is the main factor.
    9. Driver Fatigue: According to the National Sleep Foundation anyone who drives is at risk of falling asleep at the wheel. Other high risk individuals include, young drivers, workers with long hours, commercial truck drivers, people wo have sleep disorders and those who travel for business.
    10. Under the influence of drugs or alcohol: One out of three accidents are due to drunk driving. This places bicyclists at greater risk simply due to the lack of protection they have driving a bicycle. There is no excuse for drunk driving or driving while under the influence of drugs. Holding another motorist liable under the concept of negligence is something best handled by a skilled Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyer.


    7 Most Common Bicycle Accident Injuries Suffered In California

    bicycle accident injury lawyer Los Angeles

    It is no surprise that bicyclists are at the highest risk of injury if involved in an accident. In California, even those riders with bicycle helmets, can sustain major and serious life-threatening injuries if involved in a collision with an automobile.

    7 most common bike crash injuries suffered include:

    1. Head Injuries, including TBI (Traumatic brain injuries)
    2. Skull fractures or abrasions
    3. Spinal cord Injury including paraplegia  
    4. Neck and back Injury
    5. Broken bones and fractures
    6. Burns as a result of friction with the ground
    7. Amputation

    What Compensation Am I Entitled To After A Bike Accident?

    After a bicycle accident, a lawyer who has experience with bike crashes can review your case and determine a fair amount to claim against the at-fault party’s insurance company or another entity in LA county.

    Some of the damages that bike injury victims are entitled to include:

     •  Past and future medical expenses

     •  Lost wages

     •  Loss of future earning capacity

     •  Property damage to your bicycle

     •  Emotional distress

     •  Pain and suffering

     •  Permanent disability

     • Live-in care or assistance

     •  Loss of consortium

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