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Los Angeles bus accident lawyerSince most buses are not equipped with seatbelts or other safety features, bus passengers are often subject to major and serious injuries if they are riding in a bus that is involved in an accident. Similarly, if you were in another vehicle and were struck by a bus, more than likely you have sustained major injuries.  In fact, the Federal motor carrier safety administration reports that there are nearly 67,000 bus crashes every year throughout the United States. 

After a bus accident, you may likely need the assistance of a bus accident lawyer near you. Instead of searching online for just any “bus accident lawyer near me, ” you want a top-rated bus accident attorney who is skilled and successful. Holding an unsafe or negligent driver liable under the concept of negligence is something best handled by an experienced Los Angeles bus accident lawyer.


    Why Hire Matadores Law For Your Bus Crash Claim?

    Victims of bus crashes that do not get the help of an attorney usually are not prepared to deal with the large-scale defense that the bus companies begin following an accident. Bus companies will spend enormous amounts of money to protect themselves. This defense begins while you and your family are recovering from your accident. The bus company and their representatives will immediate be building their defense and potentially destroying key evidence.  Therefore, it is extremely important that you have a team of lawyers on your side who will go to the scene of the accident, preserve evidence, and make sure that your rights are protected.

    The lawyers at Matadores Law are paid on a contingent fee basis – which mean you don’t have to pay anything out of pocket and you can hire the best bus crash lawyers in the business. We have zero upfront fees and only get paid when we win your case –it’s that simple.

    If you or your loved one were involved in an accident with a bus or as a bus passenger, you should call the Los Angeles bus accident attorneys at Matadores Law.

    Our law firm focuses solely on accident cases, therefor you can rest assured that we will fight to make sure we get the best possible results. We will guide you every step of the way to make sure we get you the most favorable outcome.

    Questions To Ask Your Bus Accident Lawyer Before You Hire Them

    Hiring the right legal team is an important task, and one that requires some research. Before you hire a bus accident lawyer, you want to make sure you feel comfortable with that person and their team, since they will soon be your trusted advisor. The best way to choose your attorney may be to speak with them directly and make sure they understand your cares and concerns.

    Questions you may want to ask potential bus accident lawyers include:

    • • How many bus accident crashes have you handled in the past?
    • • How successful have you been in holding the responsible parties liable?
    • • How will you update me regarding my case?
    • • What is my case worth?
    • • How much does your personal injury firm charge?
    • • How long will my case take to settle?
    attorney for injured bus passengers

    The 9 Most Common Causes Of Bus Accidents in Los Angeles

    Many large bus collisions and bus rollovers are caused by negligent bus drivers or bus companies.

    Other causes of large bus accidents in Los Angeles include:

    • • Distracted Driving/Inattention
    • • Bus Driver fatigue
    • • Bus Driver Error 
    • • Aggressive driving
    • • Speeding Bus
    • • Weather conditions
    • • Inadequate Training
    • • Bus Mechanical Failure
    • • Poor Bus Maintenance

    Public and Private Bus Companies In Los Angeles

    A few of the major bus and shuttle companies in Los Angeles county you would probably recognize include:

    • • Greyhound
    • • Mega Bus
    • • Amtrak
    • • Intermex Transportation
    • • Pacific Bus Line
    • • La Campana shuttle
    • • Dial-a-Ride shuttle
    • • Pechanga Bell Gardens Bus/shuttle
    • • Fixed Route Bus
    • • Bell Gardens Town Trolley
    • • Access shuttle                                                                                           
    • If you have been injured in an accident in Los Angeles involving any of these buses or any other bus, call us or contact us for a free case review.

    School Bus Accidents

    School buses provide nearly nine million student trips every year. This accounts for twice as many passenger trips than those supplied by transit buses. According to school bus statistics approximately twenty-seven children die in school bus accidents per year. Twenty of these children are pedestrians and seven are passengers on a school bus.

     Almost half of all school bus accidents impact the school bus’s front-end bumper. Other common bus crashes involve right side collisions, left side collisions, and rear side impacts.

    school bus with children as passengers

    Common Bus Accident Injuries

    The aftermath of a bus collision can be catastrophic and can range from serious injuries to death. The most common reported injuries caused by bus crashes include:  

    • • Broken bones
    • • Head trauma such as Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
    • • Spinal cord injuries or paraplegia
    • • Lacerations and abrasions
    • • Coma
    • • Severe Friction burns
    • • Wrongful Death

    Who Is Responsible For My Bus Wreck?

    Greyhound buses, mega buses and other commercial bus providers carry thousands of passengers every single day and sometimes even on long-haul trips. Because there are countless ways an accident can happen, the question of who is ultimately responsible for your injuries depends on the circumstance of the accident.

    Similar to a truck accident, a bus crash could involve multiple parties that can be held responsible for your injuries.  It is important for your Los Angeles bus accident lawyer to investigate and identify certain parties, such as the owner of the bus, the company that operates the bus, and the company that is responsible for maintaining the bus in a safe driving condition.

    Bus accident claims have a statute of limitations for filing a claim. Those claims involving governmental entities and schools have a shorter statute of limitations or filing deadlines. Therefore it is best to retain one of our personal injury accident attorneys before time runs out.

    Los Angeles passenger bus

    What Damages Am I Entitled To After A Bus Accident?

    Some of the expenses that bus injury victims are entitled to seek include:

    ⇔ Medical bills, past and future

    ⇔ Lost wages 

    ⇔ Loss of future earning capacity

    ⇔ Property damage

    ⇔ Pain and suffering

    ⇔ Emotional distress

    ⇔ Disability

    ⇔ At-home care by a caregiver 

    ⇔ Loss of consortium

    Free Consultation With A Bus Accident Lawyer In Los Angeles

    At Matadores law our experienced Los Angeles bus accident lawyers will guide you every step of the way, getting you the best possible results. Whether you were in a public bus or were hit by a school bus our lawyers have worked on both minor and major bus accidents where we obtained favorable outcomes.

    In addition, we work only on a contingency basis. This means, we only get paid when we win. There is absolutely no obligation for a confidential case review. Call our LA lawyers near you at (323) 402-1000 or contact us today.

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