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One out of three households in the United States has at least one dog. Therefor it should come as no surprise that someone is bitten or attacked by a dog every 10 seconds in America. In fact, according to the Center for disease control, 4.7 million dog bites occur annually in the United States. Nearly 800,000 of those dog bite victims seek medical attention for their injuries.

Unfortunately, children are the most common victims of dog attacks. Kids don’t always understand the consequences of pulling at a dog’s tail or taunting a dog with food. When a dog feels threatened in any way it may lead to dog aggression and severe consequences for the victim. Sadly, most children are bitten directly in the face. Thus, children require more intensive and immediate medical care than adults. Children are also far more likely to be victims of fatal dog attacks. Holding the negligent party liable is something best handled by a Los Angeles child dog bite lawyer.

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    Why Hire Matadores Law For Your Dog Bite Claim?

    When you or a loved one has been bitten or attacked by a dog, it is crucial that you hire a dog bite law firm that has a track record of winning personal injury dog bite cases. Our last dog bite settlement was for $500,000.00. You can trust us to fight for your best interests.

    Allow our Los Angeles dog bite lawyers to handle your claim, while you focus on recovering and healing from your injuries.

    Additionally, we help dog bite victims to:

    • Find Doctors who are compassionate and caring

    • See top plastic surgeons if necessary

    •Gather evidence from the scene of the accident and/or witnesses

    • Handle Insurance adjusters and claim

    • Get your lost earnings

    • Obtain maximum compensation for your injuries

    Questions To Ask Your Los Angeles Dog Bite Lawyer Before You Hire Them

    When something as tragic as a dog bite occurs, you want to make sure you are represented by the right lawyer and team. The way to find the best attorney is to consult with different personal injury lawyers to get a feel for whether you would feel comfortable with this person and would consider them a trusted advisor.

    Questions you may want to ask a potential Los Angeles dog bite lawyer may include:

    ♦ How many dog bite cases have you handled?

    ♦ What kind of settlements have you had for dog attack victims?

    ♦ Are you prepared to sue the dog owner if necessary?

    ♦ How often will you update me on the status of my case?

    ♦ What are your law firm’s fees? How much is my case worth?

    ♦ Is it worth it for me to hire a dog bite lawyer for my case?

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    The Most Dangerous Dog Breads

    1. Historically dogs were bred for different purposes. Some were bred for hunting, while others were bred for herding and guarding. Depending on the animal’s training and temperament, any dog regardless of its size can be a threat to humans.

      According to DNAindia the 6 most dangerous dog breeds, starting from the most dangerous are:

      1. American pit bull terrier also just known as Pit Bulls
      2. Rottweiler
      3. German Shepherd
      4. American Bulldog
      5. Bullmastiff
      6. Siberian Husky

    Common Injuries Suffered After A Dog Attack

    Given that dogs attack with their teeth, injury to the face, head, hands, arms, and legs of the person being attacked are extremely common.

    Most common bodily injuries following a dog bite include:

    • Cuts, lacerations & Stitches

    • Scarring after a dog bite

    • Disfigurement

    • Nerve damage to bite area

    •Crushing Injury or fractures to bones

    • Head trauma

    • Serious infection leading to amputation

    Wrongful Death

    In addition to the above injuries, most victims of dog bites have severe emotional distress and post-traumatic stress disorders(PTSD). Injuries from a dog bite can last a lifetime. Hiring the right legal team will ensure that the responsible party is held liable for your injuries.

    What To Do After You've Been Attacked By A Dog Or Other Animal in Los Angeles

    After any animal attack, you must immediately seek medical attention. The risk of infection after an animal attack is high, especially if the dog in question has not been properly vaccinated.

    Steps to take after a dog bite:

    ⇔ Clean the wound thoroughly to minimize chance of infection

    ⇔ Seek medical attention

    ⇔ Get a Tetanus shot if it has been more than 10+ years

    ⇔ X-rays, MRI or CT scan to evaluate injuries

    ⇔ Orthopedic care to set bones in place or apply a cast

    ⇔Stabilizing or cosmetic surgery

    ⇔ Follow-up with Doctors to further evaluate for future care and plastic surgery

    ⇔ Hire a Los Angeles dog bite lawyer 

    dog attack lawyer los angeles

    Dog Bite Laws In Los Angeles And Throughout California

    In California dog bite laws are very clear; Dog owners are strictly responsible for injuries caused by their pets, regardless of whether there is history of prior incidence or was otherwise known to be dangerous.  California has these dog attack laws in place to protect victims’ rights. The homeowner cannot argue that they did not know that their dogs could be dangerous or that they were properly trained to not attack strangers.

    Any time a person is lawfully in a private place including the dog owner’s property, the owner of the dog is strictly liable. Postal employees who carry out a legal duty and are legally on private property are at high risk of dog bite injuries. In fact, according to a study conducted by the United States Postal Service, Los Angeles is consistently either at the top or near the top of the charts for the highest amount of postal employees being attacked while doing their job and delivering mail.

    Most people are hesitant to file a dog bite lawsuit because perhaps they know the dog owner or are neighbors with the owner. In most cases, you don’t have to pursue a lawsuit or sue the dog owner. If the dog owner carries homeowners Insurance, that insurance coverage should be sufficient to cover your damages.

    Holding a dog owner liable under the concept of negligence is something best handled by a top LA dog bite lawyer from Matadores Accident and Injury Lawyers.

    Can You Seek Damages After A Dog Attack?

    After a serious injury, your best bet is to consult with a Los Angeles dog bite victims’ rights lawyer. An experienced lawyer can review your case and calculate a fair amount to claim against the at-fault party’s homeowner’s insurance company or another defendant in LA county.

    Some of the expenses that dog injury victims are entitled to seek include:

    • Medical expenses, past, and future

    • Lost wages

    • Loss of future earning capacity

    • Pain and suffering

    • Loss of enjoyment of life

    • Scarring and disfigurement

    • Permanent disability

    • Live-in care or at-home care

    • Loss of consortium

    Leave it to the best California dog bite lawyers who are highly experienced and know what it takes to win. We know animal bite laws and will be able to provide guidance, building the best possible case for you and your loved ones.

    Free Consultation With A Dog Attack Lawyer In Los Angeles

    Whether the victim of the dog attack is a child or adult, the injuries suffered can last a lifetime. Some victims are left with visible scars that they have to live with for a lifetime, while others have internal and emotional damages which are just as damaging. If this describes you or a loved one, contact our Los Angeles dog bite lawyers as soon as possible. We will do our absolute best to obtain the maximum compensation for your injuries. 

    Remember that because we work on a contingency basis, you don’t pay us anything until we win!


    Do I need a lawyer for a dog bite?

    An experienced dog bite attorney can help you establish dog ownership, determine whether homeowners insurance or other insurance will cover your injuries, and will ultimately hold the responsible party liable for your injuries.

    When should you hire an attorney for a dog bite injury?

    If you have suffered from a dog bite attack, you should seek legal assistance immediately following the incident. The sooner you hire an attorney the sooner he or she can help. An attorney will help collect evidence, talk with witnesses and gather all the information regarding the dog attack.

    Can you sue for a dog bite injury?

    If you were injured by another person's dog, that person can be held liable for your damages. The sooner you take action, the more viable your case will be. Depending on the severity of your injuries, a lawsuit may be filed against the owner of the dog if that's what it takes to get you the best results.

    How much do dog attack lawyers charge?

    The fee to hire an attorney is typically one-third (33.33 percent) of the final settlement amount. For example, if you are awarded $100,000 for your dog bite case, your lawyer would get $33,330 or one third of the total amount. That would leave you with $66,670 in your pocket.

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